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Bill Welch

Paul, to be prototypically correct, should not these hoses be connected to each other when cars are coupled to each other?

Bill Welch

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Come on Dennis, lightened up! A year ago we had NO bracket castings and all the air hoses on the market would snap off when hit, including the brass ones. A most distrubing issue for those of us really trying to model prototypical freight cars. I find it hard to believe that the hose angle not being prototypical correct in the bracket really bothers you that much, when cast on grab irons do not. I know, I know, that is a commercial business decision--who knows this might be the same. The point of my original post was that we should be thankful that a manufacturer is willing to go back and correct an obvious error after it was pointed out by a member of this list. That to me, shows a commitment to want to get it right. and help advance the hobby. Maybe they did not get it it perfect, few of us ever do, but it is far better than what we had, which was exactly NOTHING!

I have no commercial interest in this project!

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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Dennis, the hoses are positionable in the set with the brass hangers and eyelets. How widely used was the style of hanger HTD modeled? It looks like a forged piece - very nicely done - but was that more common than than ones made of bent flat plate?

(It does seem silly to be quibbling over differences that can barely be seen without magnification!)

Tom Madden

So I see... it took about three minutes on a DSL connection for the animation to get to that point. Maybe someone should clue him in to show the correct arrangement in the lead-in graphic?

I don't know what he used for a prototype for the forging... my vote is flat plate is more common.


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