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Gene <bierglaeser@...>

The correct angle is 30 degrees.
Gene Green

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The angle appears to be about 15-20 degrees, is that right?

The style of bracket looks exactly like the Branchline airhoses
in their Blueprint series kits, and I'm pretty sure those also
are not angled. I'm not sure you'd really want the angle unless
you cut off the Kadee trip pins.

I have photos of B&O M-26a & M-26d with this type of bracket. The
old Kadee bracket (which does have the offset angle) seems to be
much more rare on prototype cars.

Tim O'Connor

At 1/28/2010 10:13 AM Thursday, you wrote:
Dennis, the hoses are positionable in the set with the brass hangers and eyelets. How widely used was the style of hanger HTD modeled? It looks like a forged piece - very nicely done - but was that more common than than ones made of bent flat plate?

(It does seem silly to be quibbling over differences that can barely be seen without magnification!)

Tom Madden

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