M&StL cars

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

Thank you Richard,

I would very much like it if you could scan the 72017 for me. When I
said my photos of these cars were in-consist I meant in-consist. Like a
going away shot of a train with a stock car three or four cars up from
the caboose! My father was an engineer for the railroad, his rule #1
was "never put a stock car next to the crummy".

I'm thinking the URTX reefers were rebuilt in 1955. They were first
painted with 'The Peoria Gateway' slogan, then some were repainted in
the post 56 scheme.

I have one more request. I'm trying to get Kadee to do the M&StL 40'
and 50' PS1's, but they are hung up on what shade of red to use on the
car sides. They want a photo of the cars when they were newish. Can
anyone help me, please.

Thanks again,

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