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Great catch, Ben. By coincidence I picked up 2 Lionel cars that are basically the same thing as the Hobbyline on eBay recently. 1 actually is for the LV quad, the other for the covered hopper kitbash! Guess I should look for another for the twin kitbash!
Rich Christie

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Marty McGuirk asked:
"Can anyone familiar with LV's hopper car fleet look at the car partially shown in this photo:
http://martymcguirk .com/BlogPosts/ Post_2009- 7-22.asp
and identify the type and number series of the LV hopper?

Ideally, I'd like an idea of how to model it."

Rich Christie replied:
"Unfortunately like you said that photo is "partial". Here is a link though to LV modeling and prototype info, hope this helps somewhat:
http://www.anthraci terailroads. org/lvrrmodeler/ hoppers.htm

Partial, yes, but enough to identify the car. LV 42000-42950, rebuilt from earlier quad hoppers modeled in HO by HObbyline. The giveaway is the wide center panel of the car. To model the car, you can duplicate what the LV did and cut down a HObbyline quad. There is a double row of vertical rivets in the center panel that needs to be added.

The LV reference is a nice start, but can use some fleshing out. For example, it misses the fact that LV 40000-40999 can also be modeled from the HObbyline kit.

Ben Hom

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