Re: Old PFE Reefer

Larry Fink

I was thinking along the same lines as you and Jon - using thin styrene. But I like the photo paper idea, especially if you sand the back to make it even thinner and have a clear graphic to print yourself. Note that the enameled medalions had the word "System" after the "Union Pacific." The "System" was dropped from the Overland herald in 1936. Perhaps a member can comment on other sources, but I only know of the Clover House dry transfer that has "System" on an Overland herald.



While the photo has yet to clear moderation... I have been planning
on modeling a car with applied enameled emblems. Originally, I was
going to cut the emblem backgrounds out of 0.010" styrene and then
apply decals to them. Plan B was to apply the decals to the styrene
and THEN cut out the emblems. Plan C, is to print the emblems on
photo paper and then cut them out and apply the photo paper to the
car. I might even be able to add the small attachment points using
photoshop, although alternatively I have thought about using 0.008"


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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