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Vic <vic.caddy@...>

Hi all,

This is my first contact with this list.

I have an April 1969 ORER that lists the Crandic series 320- 324 gons, but no builders date information.

I hope this is of some use for your friend

Vic Caddy
ELHS 895

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You can join the BBFCL list if you want to ask about post-1960 to 1980's
freight cars...

Warning, this may be off topic, ie too modern for this list. A friend is seeking information about a series of Gons, ie when were
they built, owned by the Crandic, the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway, reporting marks CIC. The series is 320-324. They are not
listed in my April 1960 ORER (newest I have naturally), nor in any earlier editions I have. It is reported they do show in a 1971
ORER. It is possible they were acquired used, ie built before 1960.


Doug Harding

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