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Bill Welch

I think it is really guess work in terms of the actual end color but drawings I have seen call it brown. I go with a reddish brown on my

I believe I have an end shot of one of the "HI" and will email to you Richard. Would you send me your email address to:

Bill Welch

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Couple questions on FGE and WFE cars. First off in looking at photos and other sources it appears that at least through the 1950's the end color on the FGE/WFE cars was a brown. The cars at the Calif. State RR Mueum and the Pennesylvania RR Museum both have a really brown color. In other photos from the 60's it looks like the color became more red then brown. Does anyone (Bill Welch?) have any comments on this?

Second, I'm looking for a sharp, straight on end view photograph of FGE/WFE steel cars from the 1950's, in particular cars from the WHIX and FHIX series. I'm trying to work up some lettering and the only photo I have is a 3/4 view.


Richard Wilkens

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