More Magazine back issues questions

Bill Welch

I also missed many issues of RailModel Journal issues due to inconsistent hobby shop deliveries and have some questions about missed articles.

The March 2007 issue of RMJ had an article entitled something like "Freight Cars of the 50's: New York Central." Can someone tell me what NYC cars were the focus of this article?

The July 2005 issue of RMJ had an article that focused on truss rod cars using styrene and a couple wood kit companies. Where the subjects mostly very early 20th Century cars or did some have extended lives into the 1940's?

The June 2007 issue of RMJ has an article on early ART steel reefers. Is this about the InterMountain styrene kit and its prototype?

The May 2006 issue of RMJ has an article on the PRR X23. I assume this is using the old Cannonball Car Shops parts as RMJ never did anything on resin kits. Am I correct? Are there good photos of the prototype?

The February 2008 issue of RMJ has an article on detailing the deck of a Walthers bulkhead flat. I assume this their kit of the Commonwealth cast flat car with separately applied deck and bulkheads that is good for our era. Am I correct about this and what road is being modeled?

Through the years I have tried to make sure I have gotten magazine articles on freight cars and since I am putting together an order to Railpub, I thought I would try to get everything I want at one time.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Welch

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