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For what he could sell, it's probably not worth his time. I know what it takes, I've created TTF fonts from tracings but don't worry about kerning because I use CorelDraw which lets me space letters at will. One of the primary rules is to know what size letters are supposed to be in each location then, working in scale, adjust them accordingly. I can even streach or narrow letters as I go. I usually work over a picture but wouldn't think of using bitmap graphics for my output. The biggest complaint against computer fonts is the misuse by someone not knowing a few basic rules and skills.

Jerry Glow

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I tried to interest Benn Coifman at Railfonts in it several years ago, and sent him photos showing all the letter variations I was aware of, but it appears he is not interested in doing the font. Maybe if there was a groundswell of interest from modelers he might do it .....

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon
I can see why; it's a pretty ugly typeface. One of the problems Mr. Coifmann faces is that he works the letterforms into a true font; complete with proper kerning and specifically adjusted "kerning pairs" (such as AV) so you can use the font to type correspondence if you wanted to. For our purposes you don't need a font, all you need is a graphic of the lettering as it is displayed on the car side. With the material in these three photos:

You should be able to trace over the lettering in Coral Draw or whatever and come up with acceptable art for decals.


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