Spring 2010 Classic Trains - Early Containers in T&P Gons?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Several nice cars in context photos in the Spring 2010 Classic Trains "50 years since steam" issue:

A nice color shot of a Southern freight passing by a CofGa E7 south of Terminal Station in Atlanta in 1957 (p 13);

Another color shot taken in Roanoke that caught NADX 22027, a meat reefer leased to Hormel (p 62);

And on page 98, a photo of T&P 400 (a 2-8-2 acquired second hand from the FW&D in 1958) that also captured two other interesting items:
- TP 25257, a tank car being used as a "water bottle" auxiliary tender for the locomotive,
- A cut of three T&P gons with what appears to be early intermodal containers (p 98). Unfortunately, the lettering is illegible, but they do appear to be containers and not crated machinery. Anyone know more about what these could be? These would make neat loads for the Accurail or Tyco (ex-Mantua) 40 ft gons.

Ben Hom

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