Re: Sunshine Models at Timonum

Tim O'Connor

Tom, I'm sure someone who didn't know him said that to him, but
I can tell you they have quite a bit of planning flexibility and
many new displays and vendors appear each year. The first year
with Free-Mo they offered us a small 12' slot, but the next
year they offered us (for nothing BTW) about 100' linear feet
of display (about 400+ sq ft). I can ask Bob Buck about it; I'm
sure he'd want to talk to Martin directly.

There's also display space (two tables) for "Prototype Modelers"
which has been hijacked by a model railroad club for the last few

Tim O'Connor

At 2/7/2010 02:24 AM Sunday, you wrote:

The reason the Martin has never attended the West Springfield show comes down to one thing: They cannot promise to have a table for him!

The Amherst group has been after him to come to West Springfield meet for quite a number of years. He advised them that they would have to guarantee him tables due to his coming from Missouri.

Their response has and continues to be that he first must attend and be on the table stand-by list and if a scheduled vendor does not appear, then whosoever is next in line awaiting a table will get it. Only then can a new vendor get a table each year. He told them that under those circumstances, there is no way that he can make that trip east without accommodations at the meet.

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