Re: Sunshine Models at Timonum



Check it out Tim, as I am sure that Martin would sell a ton of kits there. It was he that told me that they said that they could not guarantee tables. You would think that if they wanted him to come, then they would have bent over backwards to assure him that they had him covered.

I had a similar problem with the Deveraux hotel in Malvern two years ago when trying to reserve a room with a roll-paway for myself and two friends for the RPM-East. I was told that they could not rent the room with over two people as the local fire code prohibited it. Well, this year I checked with the Lower Whiteland Twp code inspector and then went back to the hotel to reserve a room for the three of us. There was no such code and the hotel reserved the room as I had requested. The only difference was that the rate was higher for the third person plus the rollaway, but the higher cost for two nights was still lower than what the special rate was with the taxes added when split three ways. Obviously, the person who refused the first time, two years ago, did not know what they were talking about!


Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware

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