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CorelDraw (and I'd suspect Adobe Illustrator) are well used in the graphics industry. I've had decals made (from 2 different manufacturers plus the ALPS on my own), had vinyl cut, a namesign for my house CNCed, and laser work done all from Corel outputted files.

Jerry Glow

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Thanks for the reference to the equipment diagram and the tips about Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Many years ago a friend showed me how to use the scale features of Corel Draw.


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My preferred method for creating lettering is CAD. There is greater precision than with any other method. (Yes, some equal CAD's precision but not exceed it.)

Take a look at:

It will give you the correct letter sizes and placement, but not the correct letterform, since they were doodled on the drawing.

Illustrator type software such as Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw rival true CAD systems in accuracy, since they draw vector images over the raster original of the photo. The main advantage of illustrator type software over CAD is that the illustrator software gives you more control over line weights, and it geared more toward outputting text. Cad software will draw the shape you need. but will not interface well with the decal maker's output device.

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