Re: Drawing or tracing lettering (was FGEX/WFEX Questions


Dennis Storzek wrote:

We did a custom job here at Accurail a number of years ago that
involved custom drawn lettering in five different sizes, IIRC. The
graphic artist who initially drew the lettering drew one size, then
resized it on a stat camera for all the rest. In the 3" and 4" sizes,
the narrow strokes (this was a serif "Roman" typeface, with two
different stroke widths in each character) simply disappeared. After
obtaining a clear copy of the photo he had worked from, some careful
measurement determined that the proportion between narrow and wide
strokes, and both those dimensions relative to the height of the
letters, differed for each of the five sizes. Once that was sorted out,
the art looked nice, but it took drawings parts of five different
"fonts" to achieve it.

Yes, this is so very true. When Chris Barken made the fonts for the B&O
lettering, he told me he had access to all the stencils for the
different size lettering. Sometimes well meaning people when lettering
restored freight cars take one size stencil say a 3" and enlarge it to
9" without any compensation. Some of us can "see" that it just doesn't
look right and the experience of Dennis helps explain why. Reducing
small lettering for use on models requires additional adjustments for
the lettering to remain legible.


Bob Witt

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