Re: Car Builder's Dictionaries online

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

An excellent find, Ray!

This should be much appreciated north of 49 - Google Books won't allow
non-US IPs to view the books, but this seems fine for me from Canada!


Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Ray Breyer wrote:

Good morning all,

I was floating around online while drinking my first morning cup O' Joe
today, and ran across the 1916 CBD online as a free download. The book is
NOT on Google Books, so many people may have missed it:
So far, this is the newest CBD I've been able to find online.
And to make things easy, there are at least six other CBDs�available from
the same gateway source (hosted on Google and other library resources):
Enjoy the reading material!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL


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