Re: Car Builder's Dictionaries online

Tim O'Connor


Nice!! And unlike many PDF files made up only of -images- of pages,
this one actually was translated (OCR) so you can search for phrases
and keywords! So for example, if you want to find pictures of cars
built by Western Steel Car & Foundry, just search for them.

Tim O'Connor

At 2/9/2010 09:55 AM Tuesday, you wrote:
Good morning all,

I was floating around online while drinking my first morning cup O' Joe today, and ran across the 1916 CBD online as a free download. The book is NOT on Google Books, so many people may have missed it:

So far, this is the newest CBD I've been able to find online.

And to make things easy, there are at least six other CBDs available from the same gateway source (hosted on Google and other library resources):


Enjoy the reading material!

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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