Re: Models of TOFC

Tim O'Connor

I agree Guy -- that would be:

C&NW Piggyback Service, Part 1 (Lloyd Keyser)
Mainline Modeler, October 1988
C&NW Piggyback Service, Part 2: Prototype flat cars
Mainline Modeler, November 1988
C&NW piggyback service, Part 3
Mainline Modeler, December 1988
C&NW piggyback service, Part 4
Mainline Modeler, January 1989
C&NW piggyback service, Part 5
Mainline Modeler, February 1989

Tim O'Connor

There has been a fair number of TOFC modeling articles over the
last 30 or years. (Yep, it's been 30 years since Mainline Modeler
first appeared!)
Lloyd Keyser's series on the early CNW TOFC flats and trailers is still as
good as it gets.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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