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Kenneth Montero


What's BGFCL? Do you have a website address for it?

Ken Montero

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There has been a fair number of TOFC modeling articles over the
last 30 or years. (Yep, it's been 30 years since Mainline Modeler
first appeared!)

Mont has been a prolific writer of course -- see Mainline Modeler,
January 1986 where he describes modeling 5 different Monon trailers.
Also Mainline Modeler, October 1996 for another TOFC article from

TOFC generates little interest on STMFC since so many people are
not interested in anything so "modern". It's much more lively over
on the BBFCL when it comes to piggybacks and autoracks... :-)

Tim O'Connor

At 2/8/2010 09:28 PM Monday, you wrote:
The March 2010 Issue #31 of "Model Freightways" which deals with
modeling trucks and trailers has an article by Mont Switzer on
Trailers on Flat Cars and other truck models.

A link to MF can be found at:

I highly recommend this little magazine for transition era modelers
wanting to know what trucks they need to be loading into and
unloading from their boxcars, flats, gons, reefers, etc. Great fun!

Bill Welch

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