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Bob's Photo is out of Wallingford, KY.  He has a fantastic collection of freight car photos . . . most from the 40 and 50s.  Remember, $7 for B&Ws and $10 for color photos is not out of the normal range these days.  You might want to call him ahead of time if you are looking for specific railroads and you are not in their territory.  He usually brings a van's worth to shows.  He and Jay Williams (Indiana) always seem to have something new it seems.  In the mid-west Rich Burg is back in it again and Bob Lorenz sometimes shows up.

Who else has freight car photos that might include those of the Kentucky and West Virginia coal hauling railroads in the 1930-50s?

Al Kresse

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OK I need to ask. I have seen the reference to Bob's photos. What or who? What is available?



$5 for a color 8x10 print is a lot cheaper than Bob's!

Good thing Bob's collection is not online, or a lot of
us would go broke!

Tim O'Connor

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