Re: Kadee Scale Coupler Operational Reliablity

Tony Higgins

Brian, I assume you are making the .005 shims. Can you describe them? ...material used, how you make them, do they go above or below the coupler?

Tony Higgins
Pittsford, NY

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I'm going to assume he is referring to 58's and 78's or the scale whisker couplers (number forgotten) They are smaller, (duh) so they are less tolerate of dips and humps in the track. but they operate fine on layouts as long as the height is correctly set. This often includes a 0.005 shim in the coupler box to take the droop out. We've been using #5's 58's and 78's for years on the club layout.
brian carlson

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Subject: [STMFC] Kadee Scale Coupler Operational Reliablity
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Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 11:00 AM


I have been using Kadee scale couplers on all of my rolling stock.  Currently, I do not have a layout.

I have a friend (who is a very good modeler) who claims that he is having difficulty with scale couplers uncoupling where there is any height irregularity in the track.  As such he as gone back to using number 5 couplers.

What is anyone else experiencing?   

Scott Seders

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