Re: Kadee Scale Coupler Operational Reliablity

Scott Kremer

I use black sheet styrene, cut into narrow strips. It is obviously
smooth and you do not need to paint it unless the little bit of shine
bothers you. It is a good bearing surface. As Brian indicated .005 or
.010 works fine. I do this on almost all of my cars. I find that even
when the coupler looks fine on its own it will sometimes "droop'" if it
is under stress as in a heavy train. Just glue it to the coupler pocket
under the coupler shank at the front edge of the pocket.

Scott Kremer

On Feb 11, 2010, at 6:12 PM, Brian Carlson wrote:

Like Tim said: I use strip stryene, usually 0.010, or 0.005 as
required, fit to lip, glue, no droop. I don't like using the spring
material it's easier for me to glue plastic to plastic but YMMV. If
you need a strip thicker than 0.010 you have bigger issues like a
loose box, or angled one.
Brian Carlson

At 2/11/2010 01:08 PM Thursday, you wrote:

>Brian, I assume you are making the .005 shims. Can you describe
them? ...material used, how you make them, do they go above or below
the coupler?
>Tony Higgins
>Pittsford, NY

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