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First, my posting is NOT a personal criticism directed at you. It is simply a note of caution regarding the use of corporate websites for info. Any corporation has an interest in presenting it in the best possible light. Ford does not mention the Edsel on its website--

Which does not mean that the vehicle never existed.

Keep in mind that the "We Will Deliver" tagline immediately preceded "Building America".

The "Building America" "logotype", or as known in advertising, a "tagline" is presented adjoining the UP logo on this site under "2002 Today Shield and Building America SM" on that web page.

Likewise, the 1897 Harriman Shield on this website on the page shows the "World's Pictorial Line" tagline under the shield, not as a part of it.

These are but two instances of a tagline accompanying the shield as a part of UP logos.

The convenient omission of any mention of the circa 1996-2001 "We Will Deliver" tagline makes one wonder what other info has been "tweaked" over the years.

Again, caution is warranted when relying on corporate sites as a source of info. You have corroborated what is on the website with other info that you have--good. But to rely on a corporate website alone for historical info is fraught with peril for a serious historian.

Steve Lucas.

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Steve Lucas writes:
>>"I have to question the accuracy of information with respect to
the Union Pacific herald on the UP website when they fail to mention
their own ... slogan ..."
He continues with:
"... the fact that UP does not mention this very recent slogan makes
one question the veracity of other historical info on their site."

Well Steve, I don't recall that UP medallion history website
mentioning ANY of the multitude of slogans that UP has used over the
past 140+ years, unless they were actually in the logo. So I don't
see how the absence of a particular slogan affects the veracity of
the information presented. The site is titled "History of the Union
Pacific Logo", and that is what it is. So far, I have found no
historical errors in it. If you see any, please let us all know where.

I believe I also provided two additional pieces of corroborating data
for the medallion history in 1941-42. Are you questioning the
accuracy of all of that? If so, please share your data to the contrary.

Aiming for historical accuracy,
Dick Harley

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