Presentation on Railroads and Agriculture February 21 in Largo , FL

Bill Welch

My apologies as I know this message will only be of interest to those
in Florida and is sent at the risk of shameless self-promotion. The
following blurb from the Pinellas County Historical Society is pretty
self-explanatory. Heritage Village is in Largo, FL and directions are
easy to find on the Internet. The talk, while geared to the general
public (I hope), should also be interesting for prototype modelers in
terms of how the railroads influenced the growth of commercial

"Railroads and the Growth of Agriculture"
Speaking of History Lecture
Sunday, February 21 at 2 p.m.

The dawning of the 20th century brought with it a pronounced growth
in the production of fruits and vegetables that could be delivered to
the main population centers by rail, providing people with food
almost year round that previously had been only available for a
limited amount of time during their respective local growing seasons.

This presentation on Sunday, February 21 at Heritage Village in Largo
highlights the technologies, the infrastructures, and the people that
made it possible for many of us to eat more balanced diets and
consequently live longer lives. Period photographs of the era will
present a rich journey into the farming and transportation industries
of the time. The program is sponsored by the Pinellas County
Historical Society. Free

Bill Welch

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