Re: Sunshine GN box car kits, # 18.4, 18.5 availability?

Jim Hayes

According to the most recent Current Price List(July 2009), both are still
available. They have been on Close Out for years.

When Sunshine has a table at a show, usually only newer models are for sale
there. You won't find 18.4 & .5 there.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 12:08 PM, A.W.G. <npin53@...> wrote:

Does anyone know if Sunshine is still selling the GN boxcar kits, # 18.4,
and 18.5? I don't get to shows, if ever, and I heard that they are out of
production already.

Also, if someone is attending a show in the near future, and Sunshine has a
booth, would someone be able to pick up some of Martin's kits for me? I
would be forever grateful.

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