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You wrote:

Your idea that an SP agent would have grabbed an East Coast gon is
certainly possible, but more likely he
would have chosen a home-road car whenever possible.
At the 1948 Railway Superintendents Convention, the proceedings noted
that, just as it was inefficient, and bad freight car utilization to
send an empty foreign boxcar westward, it was likewise to send an empty
foreign gondola eastward. The remark about gondolas was made in context
of the steel business.

Perhaps even the SP would rather earn revenue for an eastern road's gon
rather than to absorb all the costs of returning it empty back east. In
the Fall of 1947 between Rawlins & Laramie WY, the UP carried numerous
loaded eastern hoppers & gons loaded with "company material" destined
for points east on the UP in Wyoming and Nebraska in order to reduce the
empty car mileage going over Sherman Hill.

It was the First Rule of Interchange to give precedence to loading
foreign car empties when appropriate - this reduced empty car mileage,
lessened the demand upon track and yard capacity as it reduced the
number of cars on line.

Tim Gilbert

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