Re: Haskell & Barker 1913 Gondola--- Possible Great Northern "Sand Car"?

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Haskell & Barker was one of Great Northern's preferred car builders and in 1913 it took delivery of 600 hart convertible cars that were 41 feet 6 inches with a 100,000 pound capacity per the Annual Report of that year. I wonder how close the F&C Rutland car is to the GN car. I have not seen pictures of the GN car to make a valid comparison. These cars appear to have been classified as "sand" car in MofW service.
And I need info on some 36' cars built about the same time for the Soo Line, but having deep steel fishbelly steel sills. These were, I believe, built by AC&F.

A few years later the Hart design evolved to having solid sides; wood plank with steel stakes and diagonals, having little drop doors along the edge of the floor to the outside of the intermediate sill, still having the central hopper between the intermediate sills. This design was well documented in the Car Builder;s Cycs, and was the basis for a die-cast metal kit, by either Ulrich or Walthers, I forget which. They were interesting kits for their day, but the stakes and diagonals were awful clubby looking.

A lot of these cars lasted quite late, at least as long as railroads ran steam and had ash pits to keep clean. With the side doors removed, they became essentially hopper bottom flatcars, just the right height for labors to load ashes by hand shoveling, which could then be taken and dumped anyplace in the yard that needed its ballast touched up.


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