Re: Haskell & Barker 1913 Gondola

David Turner

I took detailed photos, especially of the side-door latching hardware,
of the car at IRM in 2007. It matches the F&C 6800 " Rutland ballast
car" kit which I have.

The Spokane, Portland and Seattle received 150 identical H&B cars built
in 1909 as their first equipment. They used the "Lidgerwood rapid
ballast unloader" to unload the cars. The cars were known among the
employees as "lidgerwood" cars. The Lidgerwood machines were the type
used in the Panama Canal dirt moving operations that Ralph Budd helped
set up. (He was Chief Engineer of SP&S in 1910-11 before going to the

In later decades, the cars were used as fodder for construction of stock
cars, flat cars, MOW equipment, and the X26 snow plow that MDC "sort-of
followed" in their snowplow kit of 30 years ago. The last four side
door cars were still on the MOW roster into the early 1950's. The only
differences that I could see between the SP&S cars and the C&WI car at
IRM was that (1) the C&WI car had a drop brake lever at the corner
whereas the SP&S cars had a brake wheel, (2) more modern trucks, and (3)
the C&WI car was fitted with a fixed end whereas the SP&S cars had
removable ends.

Later, the Lidgerwood machines were used for pulling steam locomotives
for driver tire truing without taking the axles out of the frame. In
this task some lasted until the end of steam.

I have drawings and photos (or photocopies) of the H&B ballast cars and
the Lidgerwood machines, if anyone is interested.

David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Rwy. Alive in Santa Rosa, California

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