Re: Haskell & Barker 1913 Gondola--- Possible Great Northern "Sand Car"?

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The Great Northern's 600 Hart cars in the 190000 series of 1913 were the same construction as the 400 cars received in 1906 but quite different from the F&C Rutland car. The GN Hart cars had fish belly steel side sills as compared to wood construction with steel truss rods for the Rutland and C&WI cars. The GN did have "sand cars" built in 1900, 1906 and 1907 by Haskell & Barker and which looked similar to the Rutland car, especially the 1907 built 40' 40 ton car in the 195542-195736 series as renumbered by 1913.

Staffan Ehnbom
Are drawings of these cars available anywhere?


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