Haskell & Barker 1913 Gondola

Paul Hillman

I posted a drawing of a C&WIRR Haskell & Barker Wood Gondola that I made in 1959 when I was about 14, in the "Files", under;

"Haskell & Barker C&WI Gon"

It was parked on a C&WI siding in south Chicago, near my house, and I measured it with a 3 foot yard-stick and made this drawing.

The drawing is at least for reference, as I can't verify how accurate my measurements actually were.

The car number (#1075) may be correct because the H&B car at the IRM is #1185 and the C&WI had several of these kinds of gons. Maybe I recorded the car's weight data correct too.

The F&C Rutland gon looks very close but the side doors look vertically angled whereas the C&WI car-sides were pretty vertical.

Paul Hillman

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