Personal Attacks

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

I would point out to the members that critical comments...or praise...about
a railroad or group of railroads is NOT prohibited on this group. Thus, if I
choose to comment about the obvious fact that UP was the most advanced
railroad regarding frt cars during the steam era [ <g> ] I am permitted to
do such. The rules of the group are quite clear, however, that personal
attacks are NOT permitted. Thus, if someone takes issue with my evaluation
of UP frt cars they are free to do so. They are NOT permitted to take
personal attacks at me [ or any member ], however, because of my view. Nor
am I allowed to personally assault someone that might believe some unamed
eastern RR was superior to the UP [ as unlikely as that might be <g> ].

Richard Hendrickson's comment:

"...where forthright expressions of disagreement are neither intended
nor interpreted as personal attacks".

is right on the money. How else are we going to communicate info that others
might not find agreeable? Again, as I have stated before, I am open to
receiving views on this subject but I prefer to do it off group.

Thank you.

Mike Brock

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