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Trying not to step on Mike's or Jeff's toes, I see an awful lot of photos in the <Files> area - both individual photos, and folders full of photos. The <Files> area has 100MB available and is 95% full, while the <Photos> area has 100GB and is 0% (yes, zero percent) full.

The other thing I see is large image files of documents. One JPG file of just under 4MB (4% of available File space!) is of a 50"-wide folio sheet at 72DPI. As a trial I reduced it to 14" wide and 100DPI in Photoshop. Still perfectly legible, and at 254KB it reduced the size by 94%.

Tom Madden

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I can't seem to be able to upload to the Files Section.

Is the Files Section too full? Yahoo says it's 95% used-up out of 100MB.

Paul Hillman

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