Re: gondolas - eastern empties in the west

Charlie Tapper <chastap@...>

Re: Geneva, Pittsburg, Torrance, Pueblo et al. We know western roads did
acquire cars to serve these mills, D&RGW's 65' mill gons come to mind as do
WP's shorty coil-service cars. I sincerely doubt if much of the product from
these mills went far east, but I would venture that quite a bit of the
product from the much larger and more diversified mill complexes of the east
headed west. Just a guess, mind you, but it seems logical.

I expect that photos of the storage yards in these western, mostly wartime,
mills would contain a majority of "local" road's gondolas, some in captive
service perhaps. The difference here is you can virtually identify the exact
mill the road built the cars for, while an eastern road serving, say, the
Pittsburgh District (Pitts.-Youngstown) would have served dozens of major
integrated steel mills. For example, D&RGW serving Pueblo and Geneva.

Charlie Tapper

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