Re: Scale width draft gear?

Dennis Storzek

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I suspect 50' box cars might have not been able to remain coupled
to one another on those Bronx Terminal 90 foot radius tracks.

The EMD SW1500 switcher will operate on a 70 foot radius -- but only
if uncoupled from anything else. If coupled to another car or loco the
minimum radius becomes 154 feet. (Source: EMD specs in 1970 Car &
Locomotive Cyclopedia.)

Tim O'Connor
Interesting number, Tim. That works out to 21 1/4" radius in HO scale, larger than the 18" that has long been thought to be the minimum for modeling industrial trackage. And that's for just about the smallest locomotive that would be found on a class 1 railroad (OK, except for the SW-1 / SW-600).

Just to continue this thought for a moment, and asking Mr. Brock's indulgence if I use some futuristic power, since only the 1980 Car and Loco Cyc. is close at hand, but the minimum coupled radius for common four axle power, a GP-38-2, is 302', or 42 1/2" radius, and surprisingly the SD-40-2 can negotiate a slightly tighter 262', or 37" in HO. These radii are getting up in the range that's required for reliable operation for P:87, but are still viewed as a space wasting luxury by many modelers.


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