Re: Stock cars under represented (was flat cars ...)

Kevin Slark <MoffatRoad@...>

Garth's Words-
unique designs. And as for under representation,
what do we have in HO right now (outside of resin
one or two wooden craft kits)> Many stock cars were
also less than 40', and the
Roundhouse car is the only one available in a
length. That's all I can think of that are
reasonably accurate. The rest are junk, though you
might be
able to do something with a few of them.
I wholeheartdly agree with Garth. I model the
D&RGW/D&SL and my best bet for correct stock cars
comes with plans from old Hawk Kits for D&SL stock
cars. As most know, the Moffat Road hauled sheep,
sheep, and more sheep every fall. None of the
commerical stock car kits look right in maroon behind
a 2-6-6-0...I need some wooden 38' footers!
Kevin Slark

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