Re: Painting Resin Freight Car Kits

Bruce Smith

"behillman" <chris_hillman@...> 02/25/10 7:55 PM >>>
I'm building my first resin STMFC freight car kit, a Funaro &
Camerlengo. (I've built & painted resin building kits in the past)

F&C says the car is made from, "Polycarbonate Resin".

F&C says to, "wash with a cleaning agent for urethanes, or household
cleaner, IE) 'Shout' "

My question is, for a really fine paint-job with RR water-based paints,
what are the groups basic recommendations.

Is a primer recommended.

Thanks, Paul Hillman


It is always a good idea to wash cars prior to painting to remove finger
prints and dirt. Some companies also use mold release, but many do not.
I usually grit blast my cars, then wash in warm water and DAWN dish
detergent. I try to remove as much water as possible, then air dry,
under cover, to keep dust off and only handle the car subsequently with
nitrile (a substitute for latex) gloves.

As for primer, there technically aren't any available in the model paint
lines (Floquil "Primer" is not really a "primer"). It may be useful to
paint an initial base coat of grey, for example, if you are painting a
light color, like yellow, but otherwise I don't bother.

Also, technically, what you call "water based paints" are not really
that. They are still solvent based, however the solvent, usually
alcohol, is water soluble, allowing thinning and clean up using water.
I use a number of brands of these paints (acrylics) with excellent
results on resin cars. If you have not painted with them before, they
do not behave the same ways as enamels so be forewarned...

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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