Re: Stock cars under represented (was flat cars ...)

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Kevin Slark writes:

I wholeheartdly agree with Garth. I model the
D&RGW/D&SL and my best bet for correct stock cars
comes with plans from old Hawk Kits for D&SL stock
I sympathize. I suppose each of us that model a particular RR have similar
problems...some worse than others. The UP, of course, was another large user
of stock cars and they are are only available via the old tech Athearn car
and a Westerfield model of a rather old UP car. I am currently trying to
bring an Atheran car up to more recent "state of the art" but I need many
more cars. I mean, yes, I can point to photos of foreign stock cars on the
UP in Wy [ even a Pennsy one...gasp! ], but populating UP tracks with Mather
cars seems a bit wrong.

Then there's the issue of hoppers. It also seems silly to have Mopac and
CB&Q hoppers sitting under the coaling tower at Harriman but I only have one
legit UP hopper car. Thank goodness for GS gons.

Mike Brock

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