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Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

I would like to second Garth's comments and add two of my own: That a
manufacturer would acknowledge and correct at their own expense the problem
that occurred is a remarkable act that speaks volumes of the character of the
firm. I understood the original point was a from a consumer who was upset.
The phrasing used, IMO, was rather poor -- too much like "when did you stop
beating your wife?". I didn't like it -- still don't for that matter, but
obviously the facts are not disputable: he bought a kit that wasn't what he
thought it was. It's happened to all of us and we all know the bitter
aftertaste when the truth is discovered (well, mabe a few like Richard never
had this experience, but the rest of us meer mortals surely have). And now we
have the response. And it is in character to the original principles shown
before: it will be set right. Quite unlike others, from whom the phrase "Who
gives a shit?" has been bestowed upon the marketplace as their level of
standards of business practice.

So thanks Bill and not just for the products.

Dave Nelson

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From: Garth G. Groff [mailto:ggg9y@...]

Bill, and List:

I would like to thank Branchline and all its employees. Not only do
they provide us with excellent
products, they make every effort to ensure accuracy, and Branchline
stands behind their products in a
most commendable way. I wish a few other hobby manufacturers were
this caring.

Bill, the way you have explained this matter to Paul, and offered
to help personally with any complaints,
is exemplary.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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