Re: Painting Resin Freight Car Kits

Paul Hillman

Thanks for everyone's advice about painting resin cars for a "perfect" finish.

Pierre Oliver mentioned having a problem with Acrylics adhering to these resins. This was one concern I had about Acrylics (water-soluble) paints and resin materials.

Bruce Smith & Bill Welch mention grit / medium blasting the material. This is to, no doubt, provide "tooth" for the paint to adhere to, which might eliminate the problem Pierre referred to of adherence?

Years ago, I used to prefer Floquil's lacquer ? based paint, but they changed it to an enamel ? base and it had a too long of drying time. Started using Acrylics with decent results, but I understand that Acrylics have been greatly improved/refined these days. (I haven't painted anything for a couple of years or so.) I have Paasche spray guns & grit blasters.

Rob Manley mentioned using finger-nail, sanding-boards. I've used those too, as well as gluing sand-paper to a stick of wood. But, I better start getting them at Walgreens from now on. The store I was getting them from wanted $150.00 each. (MUST have been a typo!)

Paul Hillman

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I do not use a primer with resin or styrene kits, and use almost exclusively Modelflex or Polyscale paints. My routine for the last 3-4 years is Media Blasting the finished model with Baking Soda before washing w/Dawn or Ivory. Sometimes even after this I brush the model with rubbing alcohol and dry it with the airbrush immediately before spraying it with paint.

Bill Welch

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