Re: Waddell Coal Hopper

Malcolm H. Houck

From memory, the Waddell Coal Company of Scranton, PA
had five cars, all ex-O&W, and at least four of which
were painted orange.

Waddell Coal had a breaker located in Winton, PA, right
on the Scranton Division main line of the NYO&W. However,
the breaker was served by Wilkes Barre & Eastern branch
of the NYS&W, until the Erie (and correspondingly,
the NYS&W) gave up on the WB&E when the original
lease was up ca, 1939.

The Waddell Breaker soldiered on while being served by
the NYO&W until that line quit in 1957. After that, and for
what little business was still at hand Waddell Coal survived
by processing out the immense culm bank located on the east
side of the former O&W ROW. Much of the later work, through
the 1970's was part of a Federal and Pennsylvania Department
of Surface Mining sponsored reclamation program (which did
indeed rid the region of many, many eyesore culm banks and
slack dumps).

Waddell used trucks to deliver out its reprocessed "fines," much
of which went for use as boiler coal....with some quantity, I'm informed,
exported to Canada for use as power plant "Steam Coal."

The Waddell - Winton breaker was still operating in 1974 but,
interestingly, had suffered a fire which only burned off the skin
and sheathing. To view it from atop the former WB&E bridge
abutments was to see a breaker in operation with all the shakers
and conveyors in operation.

Although, as Bill Schneider mentions, there is at least one
identifiable color image of that which appears to be a
Waddell hopper in a freight consist, but there others
showing Waddell cars posed on a coal trestle. One
persistent rumor is that several of these cars were only
painted on one side, and then displayed by Waddell at
a dealer / distributor as a fashion of billboard and
advertisement -- all quite unsubstantiated.

Mal Houck

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