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Re: Geneva, Pittsburg, Torrance, Pueblo et al. We know western roads did
acquire cars to serve these mills, D&RGW's 65' mill gons come to mind as do
WP's shorty coil-service cars. I sincerely doubt if much of the product from
these mills went far east, but I would venture that quite a bit of the
product from the much larger and more diversified mill complexes of the east
headed west. Just a guess, mind you, but it seems logical.
Not all steel is the same, clearly. The SP* had at least two steel
gas pipe producers on line and unit trains of gas pipe were seen
on the SP in the 40's and 50's ... In most of the pictures I have
seen GS gons were used for most if not all of the loads. Gas pipe
often travels quite far, although I don't know about any particular
routings during our era.

Fabricated steel can come from anywhere and go almost anywhere. I
know there were many, many steel fabricators west of the Mississippi.
(And also other specialized metal fabricators -- a place in Idaho that
made parts for nuclear power plants and military projects comes to

Corrugated steel pipe tended to be produced locally as well. I suppose
that would require coil loads in, and pipe loads out.

And of course, steel & metal scrap was a major commodity. And pig iron
for foundries was produced and consumed in the west. And let's not neglect
the non-ferrous metals -- copper and aluminum were important sources for
traffic in the west.

(*Including T&NO)

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