Re: Old stock vs new stock - Branchline 40' Box

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bill Schneider writes:

The ad that was run in Model Railroader a few months back showing UP and CNW
cars were in fact decaled samples of the "old stock" kit - none of the
complete new cars were available when I put the ad together. The most recent
ad showing the WP car and so on are the "new" kits. Take a look...

I plan to conduct a test during Prototype Rails III to see who can pick out
the over sized BLT car from others as a train rolls by. I, too, appreciate
BLT's efforts. Mistakes happen.

My only complaint about BLT is their failure to bring out a Hart Ballast
hopper, UP 12K gal 4 course tank car, UP A-50-19 box car, S-40-10 or 14 UP
stock car, and the long overdue UP FD-125-1. N&W hoppers? Who needs 'em.

Mike Brock

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