Re: Old stock vs new stock - Branchline 40' Box

Ted Culotta <ted_culotta@...>

--- Mike Brock <brockm@...> wrote:
I plan to conduct a test during Prototype Rails III
to see who can pick out
the over sized BLT car from others as a train rolls
by. I, too, appreciate
BLT's efforts. Mistakes happen.
Your comments are right on the money. The discrepancy
is about 1.6%. There are resin with higher margins of
error for shrinkage than that. I think many of us
were arguing about the trivial. However, Branchline
still had the integrity to fix what for most of us,
rivet counters included, was a non-issue. The only
reason it was discovered was because Ed Hawkins tried
to use the roof for a kitbash.


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