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Volume One of the Morning Sun 'Sp in Color' series has a Dick Kuelbs photo
on page 99 of GS gon # 361415 clearly labelled 'Do not load scrap or logs'
filled to the gunnells with steel scrap. Date of photo is Sept 16 1960,
location Mojave.

It is probably heading for steelworks in Ca, but it may give a tenuous
reason for it to travel to the north east with similar loading.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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Thank You for the reply Mr. Hendrickson. Alas another redo:-)

Mark Morgan

PS espee it will be!

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On Feb 27, 2010, at 3:44 PM, bnonut wrote:

I purchased a Red Caboose General Service steel sided gondola kit.
The car is Milwaukee #93143. Would this be correct?
No. While MILW 93143 was a 41'6" steel GS gondola, its drop doors

were operated by individual Wine latches, not the Enterprise system

the model represents, which was quite different both in principle and

in appearance.

The instructions mention a Southern Pacific version and Union Pacific.
The model accurately represents the SP cars and is close to correct

as well for the postwar UP cars and some Illinois Central cars built

in 1940 (though those had early style Dreadnaught ends, rather than

the model's improved Dreadnaught ends). Offhand, I can't think of

cars owned by any other RRs that the model is correct for. Lots of

other RRs had steel GWS gondolas, but they had had different door

operating mechanisms.

SP and UP general service gondolas weren't likely to have strayed off-

line as far as the B&O very often, but the whole point of the GS

design was that almost anything could be loaded into them, and the SP

sometimes used them to ship lumber, bridge timbers, and the like.

Champ had an excellent set of Signature Line decals for these cars,

if it's still available.

Richard Hendrickson

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