Re: Stock cars under represented (was flat cars ...)

Richard Hendrickson

Garth Groff wrote:

I would have to say that stock cars are probably the most variable cars.
There were very few standard
designs from manufacturers, and many roads rebuilt old boxcars into stock
cars that were absolutely
unique designs. And as for under representation, what do we have in HO
right now (outside of resin and
one or two wooden craft kits)....
I think Garth has missed the point here. Resin kits are the way to go in
modeling stock cars precisely because there were no widely used standard
designs and so many stock cars, especially in later years, were converted
box cars. And in resin we have several classes of Santa Fe stock cars,
several versions of Harriman 36' SP/UP/WP stock cars, several series of
MoPac cars, MILW stock cars, etc. What's currently available covers most
of the RRs that had large stock car fleets pretty well, though I'd like to
see a few others as well (e.g. D&RGW and UP S-40-10s in both standard and
DLS versions). Injection-molded styrene kits for any of these would be a
sure-fire commercial disaster.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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