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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

This crude and crudely-built model may well have been the work of a child just getting into the hobby, and in some ways, it reminds me of my own first attempt at building an HO freight car (which did not look much better).

My very first HO model was a Varney B-23 undec. boxcar kit brought home to me by my father to while away recovery from a bout of flu in 1946. I assembled the car with a tube of airplane glue and with great abandon, and painted the roof and underbody with thick coats of SUPER model railroad Boxcar Red (matching the embossed aluminum sides almost perfectly) and Black lacquers. It looked GREAT!

However, the boxcar lacked lettering. I knew nothing about decal availability, and even if I did, I had no ready access to any. However, I did have a huge treasure trove of Timetables (purloined regularly by the sack full all during the war from the racks at the oft-visited Chicago Union Station Information kiosk), and from one these (DL&W), I scissored out the Lackawanna heralds printed on the covers, and then with a liberal application of airplane cement , I plastered them on the box car sides.

Well, I never threw that car out, crude as it became ever more evident to me as the years passed, and eventually, I could not stand it any more, and I "re-kitting" the car in an acetone bath (after prying off all plastic parts), a process which dissolved all the glue, removed all the paint, and left all the wood floating about. With more mature skills then under my belt, I reassembled the car as it was supposed to, and repainted it again with SUPER Boxcar Red lacquer (I still have some- perfectly good). On occasions it will trail my Varney Docksider 0-4-0, the second piece of HO equipment that soon came into my hands (I was hooked). I had a very generous father.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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