An appreciation

Des Norman

Hi all,
I've been a member of this group for quite a few years but hardly ever posted a message. Instead I've read the wide range of discussion threads and absorbed as much of the information as I can. Living in Scotland and having only made a brief visit to the US some years ago, I have no first-hand knowledge of American freight cars. So this group has been a godsend in learning about and building better models of said cars - even if I still can't tell the differnce between various boxcar roofs!

So the point of this is to say a big thank you to all you knowledgable people who give help and encouragement so readily and freely. I've read comments elsewhere about the excessively firm hand of the STMFC moderators here, but to Mike and his team, thanks for running a 'tight ship' and making it pleasure to read all the messages.

Best wishes to you all.
Des Norman
Perth, Scotland

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