Re: HO scale retainer valves

Bill Welch

I have used these as well and have a nice cache of them, as well as Grandt Line's sets of parts. PSC also does the more modern version which I accidentially got once so be careful about the Part #. Fact is though, if I did not have anything else on hand I would use the more modern version as these are small parts.

Bill Welch

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The PSC retainer valves are plastic, and as Jack Burgess reports,
there can be some work (and money spent) in getting one's hands on
them. I have purchased mine directly from PSC-piggy backed on a
larger order (the $30 minimum was satisfied). I have also ordered them
Caboose Hobbies and waited for them- but not long (they send a lot of
orders to PSC). I keep a generous stash of them, and they serve along
with much other stuff-in-waiting as a vis a tergo -kick in the
"behind"- that I still have a lot of kits lined-up to soak them all
up, and I am not buying green bananas.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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