Re: FGEX 55558

Bill Welch

When I was ask for input for the IM kit, I strongly urged them to design it so that two different side sills could be applied the cars in the 55000 series, which constituted about half of the postwar rebuilds. The cars with the 6-inch sill are more personally interesting to me as they tend to feature a variety of different plates applied to the sill which because they are 8-inches showed up more than when applied to the 8-inch sill. Western Fruit had cars w/the 6-inch sill also.

The IM and Sunshine kits both require removing the sill and replacing it with 6-inch scale styrene strip. the plates woud need to be scratch built as well but not hard to do., and then harvest rivets from Athearn boxcars.

Bill Welch

--- In, "Dave Nelson" <Lake_Muskoka@...> wrote:

Earl Tuson's question about the ACL car got me to look at the web site he
mentioned and therein I came across this image of a FGEX car:
<<>> Two questions: Is the car
number actually correct for this car and does this car match any resin kits?

Anyone know? TIA.

Dave Nelson

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