Re: Fw: ACL and Charleston and Western Carolina O-16 boxcar decals



ACL cars in the 47000-50699 series were constructed between 1922-1926. The cars were rebuilt with steel sides between 1939-1944 (classes O-16A through O-16-E). Classes O-16-A,-B,& -C were double door automobile cars.

C&WC O-16 boxcars cars were purchased in 1925 in series 8500-8695. Also rebuilt with steel sides between 1940-1942.

Recall reading a Richard Hendrickson post on another list many years ago that stated the ACL sold 50 O-16s to the Columbia, Newberry & Laurens. Do not recall what year this transfer occurred, but 50 cars are listed for the CN&L in the 1941 ORER.

Aside: RPC #16 states that the FEC USRA vents were later reno. ca. 1936 to ACL O-15 43735-44234, .........This is suggestive of a possible error in the roster.
Agree this is an error.

Buddy Hill

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