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Tichy makes several sizes of rivets that come on a sprue. You cut each one off individually and can use styrene cement to attach them.

I have shaved a few off with a razor blade, wet the area that "needed" the rivet with Testors cement (the thin stuff in a glass bottle), licked the end of a toothpick, picked up the rivet head and then put it in the desired place.


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There was some recent discussion about Archer Rivets. They look like a great product, as applicable. I'm going to try and use them where I can.

But, has there ever been found / discussed, a method for making a few rivets "one at a time" using some kind of "resin" or something, that won't flatten-out with gravity?

Example: Create a hole / indention, and insert some kind of "resin" or something, which will not sink flat, but retain a peak to itself, and harden.

I've tried this before with a few different substances, but they always flatten-out too much.

This is necessary for repairing rivets on cast resin or plastic cars.

Any genius on this subject?

Paul Hillman

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